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Services and Treatments


Anew offers a complete range of massage services.  Are you looking for a relaxing effleurage to soothe the mind and spirit?  Maybe a Deep Kneading massages to work out the kinks?

Fire Cups?  Gua Sha?  SaWan?  Thai?   Yes we do that too!  Click to learn more!!





5.0 star rating     3/13/2014

Great service! Got a 3 pack off of group on and have loved each one. Very professional with each massage. Taking the time to get to know people. I would highly recommend this place.


Directed Weight Loss

Anew offers the Nouvelle Diet.  It means we work with you from day 1 on what to eat, offer both prescription and non-prescription support.  We use B12 as well as a custom formulated fat burning injection to boost weight loss!  We see 3 to 5 # as an average weight loss per week.  There is no special food to buy and no shake for meals!  We are very excited to now offer this service via web and distance coaching.  This means that you can lose weight feel great and not leave your home!!



Jordan J

5.0 star rating     2/26/2014

The station is A-mazing. went there for a freeze-sculpting session and couldn't be happier with everyone involved in the process. I have also used their services in Madison and Meridith makes one hell of a coach/dietitian. there are 2 negative reviews from the same person on yelp, don't let them deter you from using their services, as they are friendly, professional and very low cost compared to similar businesses of a lower quality. overall very impressed, will absolutely keep a relationship with this business. Meridith always gets back to you ASAP and works around your schedule when possible. Never had a problem since i've started using their services in 09/2013.





Derma Plane~ This is very effective in reducing lines, imperfections and scars.
Hair removal~  We use Nudesse and Finipil NON wax NON sugar.  Numbing available
Advanced Facials~ This includes chemical peels and extractions!
All of these services will require a consult visit (except nudesse).  It is impossible to decide via phone or email if they are effective for YOUR specific condition.




Massage Therapy



Other Services Pricing Please Click Make an appoitnment and ALL services and pricing list will populate for you!


Please remember that when you buy a service from Anew that the service is NOT refundable.  We will honor prices that you paid for service and you CAN use it for any other service that you are looking for.



Nez H.

Make an appointment


Please note we have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If you are unable to make your appointment and do not provide the required 24 hour notice; a fee of 1/2 the full cost of the visit or $70 (whichever is less) will apply.  We want to see you!  If you cannot make it to your appointment.....PLEASE CALL!


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